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Nov 9, 2012 11:00am PST
cuts that would cause uncertainty and damage to the economy if they're not dealt with. extending those tax cuts for 98% of the american people would deal with more than half in dollar terms of the impact caused by the fiscal cliff. there are other challenges that we would need to address, including the sequester, but congress ought to the house out to pass those tax cuts right away. it would send a tremendous positive signal to the american people that in the wake of this election, we can at the very least come together and convert into law a bill that everyone aa agrees should become law. republicans and democrats alike, the president included. and we will then continue to work on those issues where we have broader disagreement, and that's why the president has invited leaders of congress here to the white house next week. that's why he will be meeting with business leaders and labor leaders and others to get their input and ideas about how to move forward. as he said he does have his own very specific plan that reduces the deficit by $4 trillion. that does
Nov 14, 2012 11:00am PST
of strengthening our middle class and improving our economy. you know, i've got a lot of good relationships with folks in the house and the senate and both sides of the aisle. it hasn't always manifested itself in the kind of agreements that i would like to see between democrats and republicans and so i think all of us have responsibilities to see if there are things to improve on. and i don't exempt myself from needing to, you know, do some self reflection and see if i can improve our working relationship. there are probably going to be still be some sharp differences and as i said during the campaign there are going to be times there's fights and i think those are fights this need to be had but what i think the american people don't want to see is a focus on the next election instead of a focus on them. and i don't have another election. and, you know, michele and i were talking last night about, you know, what an incredible honor and privilege it is to be put in this position. and there are people all across this country, millions of folks who worked so hard to help us get elected but th
Nov 8, 2012 11:00am PST
with governor romney. let me play it. >> if mitt romney cannot win in this economy, then the tips point habben reached. we have more takers than makers and it's over. >> i'm sorry, this is going to sound cruel, but some of the times i didn't like he was connecting with the material. i think you have to connect with the material. maybe it's people who have actually been in the trenches for decades, not just someone that was a success in business. >> in the trenches like a community organizer and not just a business guy? i mean, what is -- we in some kind of topsy-turvy world now suddenly his business background was nothing? >> there's a lot of rationalizing going on on the republican side because the win was much bigger than -- if they thought that obama was going to beat romney, that he would eek it out and they did not expect 303 and possible 332 electoral vote fs obama picks up florida. not one swing state went for romney. there's a lot of reflection taking place. many republicans i spoke to yet are out of their denial. they know that their coalition is white, that the white vote is decreasi
Nov 13, 2012 11:00am PST
thing to do. we know it will hurt the economy and we know it will destroy jobs. >> so the most bipartisanship we are seeing in the early hours of congress being back is about the fact both parties agree that something must be done, that they must work together and that's what voters were saying with their ballots last week. the hard part is how you get there. as you know, hill leaders will be at the white house on friday. conversations have been going on behind the scenes. sort of on an ongoing basis. the real work will become hammered out in december to decide it will be a short-term kind of solution or whether something longer, more enduring can be forged. lots of questions. a spirit of working together, but they are far apart in their basic outline of how they should be tackled to begin with. >> let me bring in congresswoman gwen moore of wisconsin. thank you so much for your time. >> thank you for having me. >> you heard kelly there. so close, but yet so far. what are your thoughts regarding at least the beginning stages of this conversation to deal with this so-called fisc
Nov 12, 2012 11:00am PST
, they're worried about the prospect over the fiscal cliff and the damage to the u.s. economy. there are business groups raising money to run tv ads, for example, pushing for congress to come to a deal here. so the president has an ally there in some business folks that he maybe didn't have on the campaign trail now that attention is turning to this fight. it's simply good politics for the president to meet with the progressive folks and the ceos and as many people as he can so when they get to the point of a deal, he can say, look, i listened to all perspectives here. >> we heard from the president on friday, and he did not say this was a mandate. certainly articulated that the american people are behind him, hence the reason that he won re-election. here we are with speaker boehner saying they're waiting to be led and all lot more xroez mizing comments. should we be optimistic and assume this deal will be done in a different way meaning we're not waiting until the 11th hour. >> i don't think you can say that. washington loves to wait until the 11th hour, because that's when
Nov 15, 2012 11:00am PST
of the economy. >> it's so interesting. i liked at ohio a lot, and we talked about, governor rendell, ohio. mark, the auto bailout was a big factor in that state, and when you look at the overall white vote, the gap in ohio was closed compared to the national numbers. i believe the difference was around 12% as opposed to a 28% advantage among white voters that mitt romney had greatly in part because the white working class people in the state saw the president having their back with the auto bailout. that was not a gift. thaep that's an industry. >> the auto bailout did help president obama in ohio. it is also worth noting that president obama's performance among white voters in midwest states like ohio, like wisconsin, like iowa is completely different than it was nationally and substantially different in states measured by the exit poll. >> quickly, i have to get your comments on what's happening between senator john mccain and a few other senators and the president. john mccain was on the "today" show this morning. he was asked, mark, about susan rice and his already -- i guess he's saying he
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)